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Kunshan Voion Blister Packaging factory founded

Dec. 14, 2017

Kunshan Voion Blister Packaging factory founded

With business running fast, Voion invest 3.5 million to set up a factory in kunshan on June, 2010, specializing in PVC, PP,PS,APET, PETG packaging products such as plastic trays, anti-static electronic tray,clamshell packages and plastic box,applied in the food, electronic, medicine, toy, lighting, stationery, hardware and other daily products. Why we selected Kunshan, as to be the blister packaging factory? The reason is that Kunshan located in the eastern China market. It’s the strongest country-level city of the economy in the mainland of China with convenient traffic, advanced education, high level internationalization.We can keep developing our eastern China market on further step depend on the location.


Kunshan Voion Blister Packaging factory founded


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