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Die-cutting Department founded in Voion

Dec. 14, 2017

Voion become stronger and stronger day by day. In order to serve more customers with more different products. Voion Die cutting department found on Dec, 2015, quickly imported 8 sets high-speed computer cutting machines, 3 sets computer trademark machines,1 set slitting machines and other advanced machines, provided different kinds of die cutting products, applied in the telecommunication,LED lighting, car, computer, led display, phone, digital and other products materials assembly. Products series including single&double sticker, conductive,insulation,sealed, waterproof, dust-free,heat insulation,thermal conduction, voice insulation,protection, EMA, high-temperature materials solution and so on.,At present, Voion have become TESA strategic partner, set up a friendly cooperation with the world high performance material manufacturers. 


Die-cutting Department founded in Voion      Die-cutting Department founded in Voion

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