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Charm of Blister packing-- craftsman spirit ,keep improving

Nov. 24, 2017

Always, we just think the craftsman is a mechanical repetition working. But it’s of deeply meaning for the craftsman. It represents the temperament for one times who am determined, practical and keep improving.

Charm of Blister packing-- craftsman spirit ,keep improving

When we talking about the craft, the blister packing craftsman who will be out of our mind. Do you think so?Anyway, we need to know them deeply that blister is a molding process of plastic. It looks so simple without any interesting or advanced technology. But one piece of good quality blister packing product need the craftsman who are skilled and patient,temperature controlled &speed and repeatedly testing from mould polishing to molding with strictly procedure managed. One perfect blister product just like the art with beautiful, fine color which is good for packing products. For all, nothing more important, except needing our craftsman’s spirit, keep improving for the quality,meticulosity for manufacturing,pursuit for perfect.

Charm of Blister packing-- craftsman spirit ,keep improving

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